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Chiropractic Visits

Mobile Chiropractic Services

MoveWell offers visits outside the chiropractic practice. The primary reason that we provide this service is because we understand that chiropractic care can be needed at anytime and anywhere. Please understand that this is an exclusive service. We do encourage you to visit our practice. However, our chiropractors happily provide chiropractor care even out of office hours.

Locations for visits

Our mobile chiropractic service is a personalized service that provides chiropractic care outside of the traditional practice setting. This type of care is great for individuals whom may have work or travel schedules that inhibit them from being able to get into our chiropractic practice.


– Hotel

– Home /estate

– Office /place of business

– Sporting event

– Performance Venue, Backstage concert

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International artists, back stage chiropractic care

Sten Hofstad has been working together with MOJO concerts for the last six years. This includes providing professional chiropractic care to international artists backstage or at their hotel.

Sporting event

The need for chiropractic care in sports has been vital to achieve ultimate performance. Both before and after games, chiropractic treatment can enhance flexibility, range of motion, and biomechanics, ensuring that the athlete’s body will function at the highest possible. MoveWell can assist athletes outside our practice.

Benefits of our Mobile Chiropractic Service

– Appointment times that work into your time schedule.

– Convenience of not having to leave your hotel or home.

– Comprehensive and personalised services.

– Private setting.

– Anywhere in the Netherlands.

– If our chiropractors are fully booked. We will help you with finding other qualified and registered chiropractors in order to receive the best care possible.

Please note that this mobile chiropractic service is available upon request and will be determined if appropriate by the chiropractor.  Each patient visit will be determined on an individual basis.